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What to wear on a wedding as a guest?

The kind of clothing you are wearing at a wedding, your wedding outfit, depends on the wishes of the wedding couple. Most of the time it’s written on the wedding invitation. Besides the wishes of the wedding couple, the location is important by choosing your wedding outfit. When you have a wedding on the beach you have to wear different clothes than a wedding in a dream castle. If you have any doubts about your wedding outfit: feel free to ask the bride or the master of ceremonies for advice.

Especially not to wear as a wedding guest.

There are a lot of do’s and don’t if it comes to a wedding outfit. Here is a small list of don’ts, so you can be sure about your wedding outfit. 

Don’t wear black or white as a guest on a wedding.

Rule number one, never wear a white outfit on a wedding. This colour is only for the bride on her amazing, special day! As well as black is not suitable for a wedding. It is a party and black is not a party colour.

Don’t be overdressed and don’t be underdressed.

On this special day the bride is the one who looks the most beautiful. So, if you like to dress yourself like a princess, think about the bride. On the other hand, too casual isn’t good either.

Do not ignore the dress code!

What to do when you read the invitation and think ‘HELP’! Unfortunately, these are the wishes of the wedding couple so you have to dress like that.

But what to wear on a wedding?

A wedding is a party, so wear a lot of colour. Frequently, people choose pastel colours. But bright colours makes it more fun. Choose an outfit which is made from luxury fabric to shine even more! It makes the difference if the wedding is during the day or only in the evening.

Day guest

As a day guest you are important to the wedding couple. A lot of fun, the whole day party! Which means you have to think about your outfit. Sometimes you have to wear it during the day and the evening.

Evening guest

As a evening guest it is a lot easier to choose. You can always choose for a festive dress. Here is a list of our most beautiful wedding outfits.

Wedding outfit inspiration!

A blue lace dress? Combine the dress with a pair of beautiful ballerina’s during the day and wear with high heels in the evening. The dress is up to the knee, lined and 3/4 sleeve. 

Spicy Orange

As a said, it is nice to wear a colourful outfit. So what do you think about this shift dress in spicy orange? It is made from a luxury fabric, Japanse crepe. To make your outfit even better, you can wear this dress with a couple of beautiful bracelets and a pair of high heels!


A dot print is very nice as well! This dress is made from Japanse cupro. Make it complete with the correct accessories: beautiful high heels, chic earrings and a nice clutch!

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