Synthetic fibers are soft against the skin and the washing process is relatively simple. That is why it's widely used.

Unfortunately, synthetic fibers are produced using a chemical process. The raw materials for these fibers are extracted from petroleum. So, if you are committed to a better world, then this may not be entirely 'your choice of fiber'. And in that case we have plenty of other, more sustainable, options. 


Because of the smooth fibers and soft touch, this fabric is (among other things) used to make look-a-like silk. Read more and have a browse through our Twill Satin items here.
PS It's also great for prints as well.

Washing synthetic fibers

When the label indicates that machine washing is allowed, we recommend to wash synthetic items by hand. A warm soapy water will be the best solution. If you do want to use the washing machine, it's important not to wash synthetic items over 30 degrees. Also, avoid spin cycles as they produce wrinkles that are hard to remove. 

How to wash stains from a synthetic fabric?

Oh no, you spilled something disatrous? Don't panic - removing stains from synthetic fibers is often an easy job. You have to be sure that the cleaning method is kind to the fabric. Soap is actually a remedy for stains on such materials. A professional dry cleaner is also always an option. 


Dry synthetic fabrics

No no no, don't use the tumble drier! Synthetic fibers are not that heat resistant. Hanging out synthetic fibers to dry is fine howerver. If you prefer, you can also place a towel under the garments and lay them out to dry.

Iron synthetic fibers

If you want to remove wrinkles from synthetic fabrics, try to smooth out any wrinkles by hand. If the wrinkles are still there, place the fabric on the ironing board and slowly move the iron in a circular motion. Do not iron the same place for too long (the fabric will scorch!). If the wrinkles are difficult to remove, use a slightly damp pressing clothing cloth on top of the fabric and press down with the iron. 


Tip: spray your clothes (inside out) with hair spray. This helps against electrostatic charges.

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