Marian's Favorites - August 2018


This month we are celebrating the shirt. I have always had this thing about good crisp cotton shirts. I love the feel of them. How they can look so feminine, even if they are of the boyfriend kind. I believe a good shirt is a basic item, that belongs in every women’s wardrobe.

Marian's Favorites - August

Every month we will highlight one item or fabric, these are “Marian’s favorites”. ZENGGI’s designer Marian will give you some inside information about the fabrics she uses, the items she is personally a great fan of, and how she combines them into outfits you too will love to wear.


At ZENGGI we aren’t a great fan of figure-hugging items. We love pretty shapes and casual, elegant and comfy outfits. And I guess you do too, otherwise you wouldn’t be stealing his pants and his shirt! Boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts have one thing in common: they both have a sense of nonchalance in a Sunday stylish kind of way.


Our newest collection includes three no-nonsense shirts to choose from. The one with the light-blue and white stripe, the Printed Shirt and the Drapy Shirt.


The first, our Boyfriend Shirt, is made of a lovely crisp cotton and can’t wait to be worn with just about everything in your wardrobe. The Printed Shirt is made of a dark blue viscose with white details; lightweight and effortlessly chic. The Drapy Shirt is a Japanese Crepe item, and has a slightly longer back; great for tucking in the front and casually leaving the back, well, to just be.

Find all our Shirts here!

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