Light fabrics: linen

When you think of sunny days, you think of light fabrics. Fabrics that are nice to wear, especially when the sun comes out to play and temperatures rise. Marian: "I absolutely love the look and feel of linen. It has all the characteristics of high-quality fabric like a crisp cotton or stunning silk. For me, the unique texture of linen gives every item a sense of distinctiveness that makes every outfit stand out."

Italian Linen

When we fall in love with a special fabric, we usually add a few eye-catchers to the collection. For our Linen, we use a 100% linen fabric: super-strong, durable, cool, highly absorbent, and soft. Linen is a natural fabric that looks great if colors are kept as natural as possible too. At least, that’s our opinion! 

Washing linen

Linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash. Wash linen on low temperatures in cold or at least lukewarm water. Use the gentle machine cycle option on your washingmachine to protect the fibres. Read our care instructions carefully to be sure. Since linen dries quickly, you shouldn't need a tumble dry. But check the label if the item is tumble dry-friendly. 

Washing stains on linen items

If you are there to witness the impact of a stain on your linen clothes: rush to blot the stain. Blot it with a damp cloth, napkin or a towel. Do not push it! If the stain is thick, or it has dried, then you can scoop away some of the excess with a soft-edget object like a spoon. Stain removal products can change the color. Always test a stain removal product on an inside seam before treating the stain. Test and use another product if the color transfers. 

How to take care of linen

Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant and has been used as a textile for many years. When this flax fibre is spun, and woven into cloth, the cloth is called linen. Linen is such a natural, easy fabric that caring for it is simple too. Take care of your linen and keep it looking beautiful for the years to come. Not sure how to take care of your linen items? Let us help you. 

Ironing linen

Linen often gets severly crumpled in the washing machine. When you see this happening, take a look at our care instructions on the label. The label will indicate temperature at which you should iron your linen (higher temperatures will be needed to get all the creases out). Iron linen in a slightly damp condition with the ironer on the highest setting. Ironing can be done in multiple ways: at the front of the fabric (you accentuate the natural shine on the linen) and on the inside (it keeps the fabric more neutral and slightly more natural). 


As linen is a favourite for summery items, we use linen in our spring/summer collections abundantly. 

However, linen is also great 'in the mix' with other fibers and because we can't say goodbye to linen for that long, we've created a linen and wool mix that makes linen more than suitable for the winter too. Warm and sturdy, but the mix still has the natural linen look and feel we love!

You will love our Karla linen/cotton/wool pants!

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