Flannel is here to stay! The fabric is known as a wintery fabric with a light soft fuzz. The mix of stretchy fabrics and wool makes our flannel a lightweight fabric. This fabric is a winter favourite, because it provides warmth and soft feels. In our collection flannel is used for a variety of items, from a dress to pants or a skirt. 

We love them, and our Italian Flannel items will surely add some extra coziness to your winter wardrobe.

Flannel fabric requires simple cleaning steps to ensure that the item will stay soft en touchable.

Washing flannel

When you take care of your favorite flannel items you should always check the instructions on the tiny label. Besides that you can better use warm water (not too hot, because that will prevent shrinkage, stretching and loose weaving!

Washing stains on flannel items

When your flannel item is stained never use bleach undiluted. What will do? Mix water and white vinegar and apply a small amount of the solution to the stain. Let it influence for 15 minutes or so. Use a dry towel and gently blot the stain. Also, white vinegar is and excellent alternative to fabric softener!

Iron flannel items

Always iron flannel items on the reverse side, smoothing out flat. Start with a low-heat setting with steam to avoid damaging the flannel. Spray a little moisture from the iron on the fabric (if it has a manual spray button). Keep moving you flannel item every second or two to avoid overheating! Stop ironing as soon as wrinkles have been removed.


Have a browse through all of our lovely flannel garments. Can you tell we love a high waist? ;) 

And make sure to check out our flannel polo dress. Wear with tights and a boot for those fall forest walks or go ton sur ton and pare up with a flannel pant in the winter. 

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