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Relaxed traveling with TRVL DRSS travel clothing

You might recognize this: ‘Did I pack enough clean travel clothes?’ ‘How do I travel as light as possible and still make sure I have enough outfits and combinations?’ Wherever your holiday is taking you; Rome, Paris, Bali, Australia or the US? With the TRVL DRSS travel clothing in your suitcase you don’t have to worry about your travel outfits. Discover the benefits of the TRVL DRSS collection and how our travel clothes make your holiday even more relaxed!

1. Travel clothes wrinkle-free out of your suitcase

Finally! After a long flight you’ve reached your destination. You’ve spend a lot of hours inside an airplane and you’re ready to freshen up a little; take a shower, put on some clean clothes and enjoy your time off! Something you don’t want to be doing is ironing that clean outfit. No problem, because with the TRVL DRSS travel clothing you never have to iron anymore! You can take all of your TRVL DRSS clothes out of the suitcase without wrinkles because of the luxurious Italian jersey fabric. 

2. Light weight travel clothing

‘What will be the temperature over there?’ ‘Maybe it is cold outside in the evening?’ ‘What should I bring with me…?’ Fortunately, you don’t have to be stressed about the travel outfits you want to bring with you anymore. The clothing of TRVL DRSS is made of light weight fabric, and that’s not the only benefit, the clothes of TRVL DRSS don’t take much space in your suitcase. So there’s more room for items to mix & match! 

5. You can mix and match the collection of TRVL DRSS

The TRVL DRSS collection is designed to mix and match all items and colours. So..What's your favourite outfit?


Discover the TRVL DRSS collection here 

3. The TRVL DRSS travel clothing is made from sustainable fabric

Maybe this story seems to be familiar to you: When you look at the holiday pictures of two years ago you see yourself in your favourite summer dress. Unfortunately, the dress was worn-out after only one season. TRVL DRSS travel clothing is made from the finest, eco-friendly, Italian jersey fabric. Luckily, you will enjoy your outfit year after year.

4. Quick dry clothes

If you don’t have any clean clothes left? No problem, after washing your clothes will be dry in no time! So you can wear your favourite outfit again!

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