At ZENGGI we love alpaca wool, because it's one of the most exceptional natural fibres. Alpaca is lightweight and very airy, just like our solft alpaca knit! The yarn is much softer than sheep's wool.
With proper care, the wool maintains its original quality and softness for many years to come. 

Alpaca washing advice

But more importantely, how do you clean your alpaca products? We recommend hand-washing, because alpaca needs the most gentlest method for cleaning. Hand-washing will add years to the life of your alpaca clothing. Wash in warm water with a mild soap. Never ever wring or twist. 

Read more wool care instructions on this page.

Dry your alpaca knitwear

Lay your alpaca items on a dry towel and roll the item up. Press to extract excessive water and repeat this step with a second towel. When you followed these steps, lay the alpaca item flat on a fresh, dry towel untill thorougly air dried.
Once when your alpaca garment is dry, you will fold it carefully. Never hang on your alpaca knitwear as it will stretch your favorite sweater our of shape.

Remove stains from alpaca

Do you want to remove stains from alpaca? We do not recommend machine washing. Dry cleaning may be the only solution. Stubborn and you still decide to use your washing machine: use cool water and set on gentle cycle. 


We love our Alpaca knits. And you will too. The tunic knit -in 3 colours- has a loose fit and visible seams emphasize the shape of the tunic. The alpaca swaeter is cropped with a laidback fit and even comes in 4 colours! 

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